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Clifftop Yoga

Start Meditating

A Free Class on How to Unleash Your Greatest Realization


Presented by Dr. Derek Simpson,
Founder & Physician

Dr. Simpson is a dual licensed physician who teaches yogic meditation for the purpose of self- and God-realization. Both are the ultimate goal of all peoples everywhere. In all the universe, beings who see oneness with our Creator, will surely find themselves in His Heavenly Abode.

Topics of Class

Class Location




815 507 6208 - cell

(360) 357-5750 - church

Westminster Presbyterian Church

1925 Boulevard Rd SE,

Olympia, Washington 98501

This one hour yoga meditation class is free to the public. The class and room do cost something so donations are welcome!

Opening Hours



​​Sunday: 12pm - 1:15pm
Class: 60 minute timeframe

Available after coffee hour

Youth Room

Basement Level

Last door on left

Donate below at the paypal linkr application if you are interested.

Items for Class

There are different items that can be used to climb the ladder of self-realization. Most items are unneeded for consistent meditation except: comfortable clothing, yoga mat, and water

Also remember to have patience, think/act with heart kindness, and be you

Class Sign Up
Meditation Class

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See you at the class on Sunday

Extra Reading

If you are interested in reading more on self-realization, I have published a book called,
"Your Guide to Scientific Self-Realization"
It is currently available on Amazon. Just click the picture of the book, if you interested in a copy. Thank you and may the Great Spirit bless you.
Book Cover Meditator 1.jpg
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