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Dr. Derek Simpson, DC, ND



Naturopathic Physician




Curriculum Vitae:


Baldly Bearded - Dr. Derek loves to change his hairstyle


About Dr. Simpson

Dr. Derek Simpson is a dual physician of both chiropractic and naturopathic medicine currently practicing in Washington State in private practice. He uses spinal manipulation, physical therapy, dry needling, massage, and varying types of nutritional/botanical supplementation to bring the body back to balance. His practice is completely holistic and integrative bringing together many medical arts from around the world.

Dr. Simpson began his doctoring life preparing for the surgical field in the ER. A full moon on Friday the 13th in a trauma 1 center proved to him the necessity of a slower practice and closer relationships with patients. His heart is fully attached to the naturopathic way of medicine, but chiropractic spinal manipulation is a primary treatment modality. He uses adjustments coupled with biofeedback to help loosen the bonds of old belief systems, which clog potential "neuro-reprogramming." This literally cuts the cord between the emotion we are experiencing and what it is physically doing in the body. The best analogy is like hitting the reset button on a computer. Once the adjustment is given, reset occurs, and the emotional state experienced no longer affects daily activities.

Work Experience

June 2022 - Present

May 2019 - June 2022

May 2018 – November 2018

February 2015 – April 2017

September 2013 – June 2014

August 2012 – July 2013

Owner and Physician of Nerve Naturopathy Chiropractic & Massage

Tumwater, WA performing spinal/extremity adjustments, neuromuscular

re-education, dry needling, nutraceutical supplementation, 

Clinic Director of Living Well Chiropractic Inc PC, Yelm, WA performing exams and treatments as a chiropractor and naturopathic physician using dry needling, prescriptions, spinal manipulation, massage, exercises, and other types of physical therapy for MVAs, work injuries, and general insurance.

Chiropractor and Naturopathic Physician at Bay Center Chiropractic in Olympia, WA administering car accident examinations, L&I cases, performing x-rays on the neck, mid back, and low back, doing medical reports and letters of all varieties and supervising the other employees including medical staff, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

Chiropractic Physician at Walk–In Chiropractic (Montana)

ESL Teacher in Baoying, Jiangsu, China teaching English as second language to 30 different elementary, middle, and high schools

Adjunct Faculty of Anatomy and Physiology at College of DuPage,

Teaching Anatomy and Physiology 1571 with prosection cadaveric lab for three semesters. This was a preparatory class for those students going into the medical fields or four-year degrees from the associate’s program.  Subject matter included in-depth overview of all bodily systems including histology, anatomy, physiology, and some pathology.

Teaching Anatomy and Physiology 1500 with prosection cadaveric lab for one semester. This was an overview class for those students interested in the biomedical field.  Subject matter included general overview of all bodily systems including histology, anatomy, physiology, and some pathology.

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